As an academy we are ambitious for our students that they would be confident using the internet safety and wisely. However we also take E-Safety very seriously due to the risks posed from a variety of sources to our students. Carlton Keighley uses “Smoothwall” monitoring of all academy devices to filter and monitor internet usage. We also have a strict Mobile Phone Policy which forbids the use of phones in the academy so that students can focus on their learning and to protect our students from cyberbullying.

As parents/ carers it is crucial that you are having ongoing conversations about your child’s use of the internet and social media. Please encourage an open dialogue about who they are speaking to, the content being discussed and shared and what they should do if they are concerned by harmful behaviour online/ inappropriate content or any other communication they experience.

Please find a variety of resources which may be useful to parents/ carers regarding your child’s E-Safety.

There are also a variety of websites which offer support for various risks or threats you or your child might encounter:


If you have any concerns about your child’s internet usage or safety online, please contact your child’s Head of Year or the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Mrs Leggett) at your earliest convenience.


Hey there, couldn’t help noticing you’re using Internet Explorer

That’s great and all, and we commend you for pushing through with it. Unfortunately we no longer offer support for IE; it hasn’t received a major update since 2015 and Microsoft are dropping support for it later in the year.

If you’re using Windows 10 and want to stick with a built in browser, please consider switching to Edge. Or, if you really want to enjoy the internet properly we strongly recommend downloading Google Chrome here.