Carlton Edge

We are proud to offer the ‘Carlton Edge’ programme to all our students. It is an exciting school initiative that aims foster resilience, ambition, and respect among our students. Carlton Edge is designed to provide unique for our students to explore the world beyond the classroom through external trips, while also bringing inspirational role models into our school community.

At Carlton Edge, we firmly believe that resilience, ambition, and respect are key qualities that empower students to overcome challenges, set high goals, and treat others with and respect. Through carefully curated external trips, our students will have the chance to broaden their horizons, develop new skills, and gain invaluable experiences outside of their usual school environment.

These trips be meticulously planned to expose our students to different cultures, environments, and perspectives, enabling them to become global citizens. Whether it’s visiting historical landmarks, engaging with local communities, or exploring wonders of nature, Carlton Edge will ignite a sense of adventure and curiosity within our students.

Providing EVERY Carlton Academy Trust student with activities designed to build:

  • Resilience  – for healthy bodies, healthy minds and healthy relationships with others
  • Ambition – broadening horizons, building aspiration and employability skills
  • Respect – contributing to community, democracy and leadership

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