Carlton Academy Trust CEO Welcome

Firstly, can I take the opportunity to thank you for showing interest in a one of our Carlton Academy Trust schools.

We are one of the fastest growing academy trusts in Yorkshire and have built our reputation on having high standards and ensuring excellence for all of our students.

As an academy trust, we ensure a relentless focus on performance so that all of our children can fulfil their potential and be happy, healthy and safe in our schools. We place a high premium on developing the whole child and ensuring that they have access to a broad and balanced curriculum that will enrich their lives.

We are proud to place teaching and learning at the core of everything we do. Our teaching and learning strategy is driven by research; this ensures that we have the best practitioners who prioritise their continued professional development to ensure that we optimise the progress and achievement of all our students. Our high standards around behaviour and the fantastic pastoral support that we offer creates an environment for every child to succeed and reach their potential.

As an academy trust, we pride ourselves on improving young people’s life chances by ensuring that we have high expectations throughout a young person’s time with us. We prioritise ambition, respect and resilience as three important values we want all young people to develop so that they can become outstanding members of the community.

Adrian Kneeshaw


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